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About Me

Hi, my name is Leigh. I’m a wife, mom and maker. I initially started Brush & Bank in 2022 as a creative hobby. Like many others during the pandemic, I found myself struggling and yearning for a creative outlet. As someone who has always loved tactile mediums like putty, slime and play dough ... I found polymer clay and fell in love with it. I always tell my friends it’s like “adult play dough”. You can be endlessly creative. 


My jewelry strives to connect with people of all ages, styles, and personalities. Each collection takes inspiration from both the creativity and flexibility of art as well as the structure and form found in nature. This yin and yang balance represents life and all of God’s designed beauty. 


Each piece is handcrafted and custom designed. It’s made in my workshop and resin glazed or rubbed with artisan olive oil. Each pair is 100% one of a kind. 


My purpose for the jewelry is to bring joy. If it makes you feel beautiful or brings you happiness to give it, then it is living its purpose. I hope you or someone you love feel beautiful wearing it.  

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